Our Mission

PAX: the translation of Peace in Latin is both the name and the meaning behind the brand at your fingertips. Our goal is to spread Peace through Nature and the people who enjoy the great places this world has to explore. Each day we read about more and more terrible events happening in our growing society but where does it all end? We are here to create a community of those who want to be advocates for change, those who can visualize a peaceful world in our future and those who embrace nature and are willing to help those in need, live a more happy and peaceful life while enjoying adventure along the way. Our hope is to support our local business and culture while donating a percentage of our sales toward charities and foundations of our own choice and yours. Our message is strong and motivational in the hope that our generation will bring some light to a darkening society and take us back to our roots as humans, remembering the basics of living a simple life together in unison. In doing so you'll have to be in style of course...so grab some PAX gear and help #SpreadtheWord with us!

See you out there, the adventure awaits!