Some Thoughts and Ideas from our Creators and Community about the Lives we Live.


A persons character does not reflect the mistakes they have made, but what they learned from them and how they used it.


Success is not measured in wealth but in the goals achieved and the happiness within.


Too many people spend their time looking for a way around the problem instead of facing the problem itself.


If only a persons intentions were viewed rather than their actions, the world may be a better place for all.


A great man knows not only when to speak but when not to.


A successful man is not one of wealth but one who has become the man he set out to be and lived happily and well.


When faced with issues regarding people it is best not to look for the bad and unlikeable qualities in them but rather to forgive them and see the beauty in each person.


The mindset of a man controls his success not his skill, a negative mindset will not bring a positive outcome of the most glory.


Some people try to understand life and the reasoning for things in life, but the truth is life does not have a sole meaning nor reasoning, life is what YOU make of it and how YOU react to the many inter tangled lives being lived throughout the world.


Sometimes the right choice of action is to step back and watch as the others go by, you never know you might witness something important.


Don't expect others to do what you would do because you'll most always be surprised by what you get.


The people often most popular are the ones who are most insecure with the least to offer wanting to take the most.


The praise and glory will always feel great but don't forget where you came from, what it's like on the other side and all the people struggling to get where you are.


People are too quick to think about their weaknesses when things seem to go wrong while they should be looking past their difficulties and see the strength and potential they have to offer and how gifted each of them are.


Stress is the effect of the over or under estimation of the seriousness of a situation or event.


You are your own most prevalent enemy, make peace and understanding with yourself and make peace with the world.


The day that all are treated as equal will be the day that freedom will be entirely free.


Often some of the greatest moments in life come unplanned and unexpected.


 It is not only important to learn from your own mistakes but to also be aware of others mistakes and to prepare yourself before you do the same.


Being too comfortable with yourself is not always the best for you.


You will not be here forever so live your life so that your impact will live in the world far beyond you.


Those who insinuate the most fear are not always but often those who fear the most.


Learn to laugh at yourself before others.


Never let negative energy stain the moments and memories made in a positive environment.


Don't let failure put you down, think of it as a way that didn't work. And use it as determination to succeed that much more the next time.


As human beings we need to be able to let loose and have a time of absolute relaxation but not all can thoroughly have this sense of peace in the same way, that's what makes it so difficult yet so relieving.


The discussions had while a child is present can greatly influence not only what that child does with their life but the principles they live by and the character they possess.


The people who try to make you think that they are something they are not, are more than they are or deserve respect for things they did disrespectfully do not deserve your attention or thought.


Mistakes are just the outcome of wrong decisions although they can be terrible they do not define you for there are few in the scheme of life, full of decisions to be made.


The first step to becoming a great enlightened person is to understand that you are not perfect and that you need to listen because there are things you can't teach yourself things far beyond what you know but well in your reach.


Don't expect to succeed at first because if we all succeeded after our first try, there would be no need to learn and everyone needs to learn.


Sometimes a persons words are as beneficial to themselves as they are to others.


Never let someone step on you, but in return never step on someone else.


It is very interesting that we as people are so intrigued by something as constant as nature  even though nature is constantly changing.


Books are one of the great tools available in life, they have a mysterious way of teaching you wouldn't understand at first glance.


Make sure to watch out for your focuses, they have a strange way of emphasizing what you should be doing but can also cause you to fall off track of the goal.


Spiritualization can tie into a person like an ego by  making them believe in what's rights so much so that they believe it is what people truly want to see.


It is often the times we don't feel right to succeed that we triumph.


Although a uniform design may be effective in short term, a creative system may prove to be both effective and enjoyable in the long run.


Never feel as if you cannot because no matter who you are from the start you have been a gift waiting to be opened.


When things aren't working out people try to revamp themselves completely from the ground up but the truth is you have to start with the small simple things and work your way up, the same thing goes for making a change in the world you have to start with yourself before you can really succeed you never know you might start a movement.


The mind can never be fully understood because the understanding would have to be done to understand the understanding.


We can reflect on what we have done learn from it and create a collaboration of the things we know, we learned, we want to be, and what we want to experiment with and that is what makes up you as we go through life.


Sensations flow through our minds, vibes and feels, each influencing every feeling some strong some weak some causing reoccurring thoughts others just for that second each one shapes the mind, ages it,teaches it.


Balance is key to all forms of life including our thoughts for never too much nor too little will always bring forth the most control and the most wise.


The unimaginable amount of people that populate this planet are all different in their own ways there shall be no guidelines or descriptions for a man nor woman. We are created in image but of utmost uniqueness.


The worst form of punishment to give to a living person is to take control of their mind without the mind of your own a person becomes a breeding ground for your sorrows.


It is acceptable to feel more wise than others you have been taught to be thought of lesser than just as long as you understand enough to give them their respect.


The unconventional can often be conventional to some of us.


We can see from our roots reasons to unify yet we still divide, none of us are the same, think the same, understand the same or see things the same. Divided we are just pawns unified we can be the game.


Good times are to be remembered even when those who have shared them are gone. There is no need to deprive oneself from good in a time of sorrow.


Sometimes it’s ok to be ignorant or intolerant of what is currently going on you’ll eventually pass through.


Never let anyone’s judgements discourage you or even allow them into your minds because chances are they have no clue who you really are.


Your interests of recent effect the decisions and reactions to the future.


The best way of getting revenge or teaching someone a lesson is to do it politely that way they can’t get angry and blame you.


Don’t be fearful of opinions if not for opinions the earth would be a Levittown of people.


Experiment with yourself you’ll see changes in those that surround you.


We notice as we age we cannot quite understand how our last selves thought.


We often judge people by what they say or do differently from what is acceptable today but this is wrong.


We shouldn’t have to say I️ love you to someone for doing something or being told something I️t should come from the heart.


Some of the best and worst things we say are said when we don’t think about them.


If we just gave straight answers instead of replying or giving statements meant to shelter the listener we may be stronger and happier as a race.


The slightest bit of change in an environment can greatly change your mindset and attitude.


Live your life as if it’s a story that everyone should want to read.